Step-by-Step Process to Renting an Apartment in Qatar

  1. Speak to your MD Properties consultant. If you are relocating, call MD Properties' Relocation Division at +974 40 166 511 for counseling and to determine when to come to Qatar to begin your search. At that time, schedule your appointment. Your needs will be discussed, questions will be answered about the process, and you will be assigned to a consultant that best matches your needs and budget.
  2. Organize and prepare the necessary information to bring with you, including:By an individual:
    • Passport
    • Letter of employment and salary verification (includes start date if not yet employed)
    • Residency Visa

    By a company:

    • Trade License
    • Passport/ID of the Company Owner
    • Passport of the Tenant
    • Residency Visa of the Tenant
  3. If relocating, prepare the necessary funds before coming to Qatar. Landlords will not accept out-of-state of Qatar checks. Anyone renting or relocating must:
    • Try to establish a Qatar bank account before beginning your search. If this is not possible, bring the necessary funds with you.
    • Bring 12 cheques to be handed upon signing the Tenancy Contract. Additionally a security deposit with a value of one months’ rent will be held by the Landlord in case any damages will be incurred to the property during the tenancy period.
    • Bring funds to cover as well the Agency fee of 5% of the Tenancy Contract amount if your company is not covering that expense. Brokerage fees are paid also by the tenant, in Qatar in most of the cases. These fees are due upon signing of the lease unless your employer is paying the real estate commission for which they will be billed directly.
  4. The day of your appointment you will meet with the agent who will be working with you. Then you will be taken to each apartment that the agent has scheduled for you to see.
  5. When you have made your apartment selection, you will be asked to fill out a Property Introduction Form. Your agent will negotiate price and lease terms for you.
  6. Leases will be signed and checks presented.
  7. Your MD Properties agent will assist you with settling in comfortably once the lease is signed and the move in date established.

Types of Rental Buildings in Qatar

The conditions relating to the leasing of apartment units are totally determined by the building type, location or the owning company and they vary considerably. Your MD Properties agent can guide you through that process and you can get further insights into these types of buildings by reading the buyer section of this guide.

Why use MD Properties to Rent?

In an ever-changing Middle East real estate market, a seasoned broker can help you navigate the ins and outs of renting. MD Properties consultants assist their rental clients with exclusive listings, daily showings, hands-on management, and in-depth knowledge of contracts and leases.
Every MD Properties consultant is trained with strict ethical business practices designed to protect renters. In the Middle East rental market, your MD Properties consultant is your representative. He or she is working for you and will guide you through such considerations as:

  • Neighborhood and apartment selection
  • Understanding types of leases,including rental laws
  • Documentation and financial preparation
  • Negotiation
  • Lease signing