The local real estate market has changed over the last 5 years. Luxury doesn’t sell itself, and in fact, the word “luxury” has become so ubiquitous, that its meaning has also changed. The clients are different. The landlords are different. Today, it takes much more to reach and understand the local client and landlord. When it comes to the luxury market, MD Properties assumes nothing. Assumptions can be wrong and ineffective.

MD Properties has years of experience with the letting and selling of luxury properties in the local market. MD Properties also offers something that other real estate companies don’t traditionally: a real, well-informed strategy for connecting with buyers or potential tenants intelligently, and a straight-forward truthful approach. We will give you our honest expert opinion on how to go to market competitively. Our approach is a more modern, active approach to new media marketing based on sound strategies; one that responds to a transforming market. And one that is more designed for efficiency and success.

For our exclusive listings, we provide our Landlords with a comprehensive, strategic, customized marketing plan. Agents meet with our experienced Marketing Division to develop a thoughtful and targeted marketing campaign. As we implement the plan, we communicate our goals and achievements with our clients with complete transparency.

Many sellers and landlords currently face themselves with a dilemma? Do you sell with every agent in town or do you choose one agent to work with who will ensure the highest possible price is achieved? The biggest problem with dealing with too many agents is that you will receive quite a few offers and you may think that you have got more than one buyer, which in hindsight is a great thing, however 99.9% of the time it's the same buyer. By knowing your property is listed with many agents means the buyer assumes you're a desperate seller so you'll accept a lower price or the buyer will walk away as there are too many parties involved.

So what's the solution? Selling or Letting with One Agent EXCLUSIVELY. This way all offers are managed by one agent, who in return will present the highest offer to you. The Agency is therefore more committed to service your needs which will result in the obvious goal - a sale or let and a return on investment realized.