What we do

Our Land and Investment Division was established in 2010. It's been a period long enough for us to get a good knowledge of the market so that we could be able to provide all the land transaction-related services:

  • Market evaluation and analysis
  • Land evaluation
  • Provision of the primary information: area, facilities, occupation rate
  • Architect recommendations (how the land could be exploited) in order to be able to interpret a potential investment
  • Fulfillment of the specialized procedures (land register files, land survey, area city planning, connections)
  • Construction / demolition permits for projects aiming at a construction on the new location
  • Investment monitoring and taking over by the other departments

Our services

MD Properties gives you more than a mere land; we offer investment solutions in order to exploit the land as profitable as possible. 

  • Identifying and securing land property
  • Market research
  • Urban planning application
  • Presales - concession - leases
  • Management