If you are reading this it means you have taken the right decision in learning more about MD Properties’ fantastic career opportunities. Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced property professional, we can provide limitless opportunity for your career development.

Careers at MD Properties

A career at MD Properties puts you in the centre of one of the fastest growing, most sophisticated real estate firms in the region. As we provide all property services under one roof, we are truly committed in driving real value in a fast developing region.  The work our people do, the ideas they create and the strategies they employ have a deep and lasting effect on the regional landscape.

We invest in training and development programs that cultivate professionals who serve as trusted advisors as they deliver value to our clients. Throughout your career with MD Properties, we will ensure that you continually learn and develop new skills.  You can expect formal and informal coaching and support from your mentors on a regular basis. Of course, you also can expect to learn from your colleagues, who have knowledge and experience in every imaginable facet of real estate.  As a very ambitious company committed to growth, we offer you the chance to grow with us.  We’ll help you shape your career and your future

The MDP Culture

People are the foundation upon which our success is built. Our people are supported to expand their skills and knowledge to drive their careers and reach their full potential.

Our values define who we are, underscore our commitment to clients and provide direction for everything we do. We expect our employees to follow these principles:

Serve Our Clients: We determine our success as a company by the value we produce for our clients.
Support Our People: Our employees are our most valuable resources.
Aspire to Leadership: We strive to be the best in everything we do and in every market we serve.

These values are supported by our core beliefs in ethics, integrity and teamwork.

We don’t just want you to have a great job. We want you to have a great life. We will provide you with everything you need to be productive and happy on and off the clock.

We work hard to maintain the right balance to promote teamwork. Our compensation and benefits are known to be the most rewarding in the field and they were designed to ensure that our people work together toward success. And while we reward collaboration, there is still room for individual achievement to be frequently and properly recognized.

What you can expect from working with us?

The Answer is simple – Great rewards for great performance!
We want you to see from our website exactly how MD Properties operates so you can make a decision before enquiring if we're the right company to grow and develop you as an individual.

Training Advantage
MD Properties’ commitment to training provides for a diverse set of classes, technology and other opportunities. We will hand you the key to success in real estate, if you are a hungry, talented, committed and determined individual. In MD Properties we have 5 different divisions that offer our Associates the opportunity to grow and experience all areas of Real Estate.

Agent Training
In just four weeks, our new agent induction program provides an introduction to our company philosophy, office procedures, technology and more. The fundamentals of real estate are also covered: contracts, listing presentations, buyer presentations, financing, and business development and personal marketing. There is a module on goal setting and writing an effective personal plan, as well as a module on legal issues. This program is company funded and the instructors have trained many agents towards successful real estate careers.

Mentor Program
At MD Properties, we believe that new agents benefit from working closely with a seasoned agent. The mentor assists the new agent with first sales contract, accompanies them on a marketing presentation and offers advice on many aspects of the real estate business. This, in combination with assistance from the immediate supervisor, trainer, and other resources, provides the new agent with the hands-on support they need and increases their comfort level in working with clients.

Weekly Sales Meetings
Led by the one of the Residential or Commercial Directors, weekly sales meetings include hot real estate topics, market updates, and occasional outside speakers. An exciting advantage to the weekly sales meeting is the Virtual Tour of new listings. In a presentation, agents can preview all new listings, thus promoting them to their internal market first! Many times we meet offsite at locations that are important to our agents.

Family belonging spirit
We get together on a monthly basis to celebrate our victories and learn from our mistakes in different venues around the city experiencing different restaurants which represent local “cuisines” of our multinational team members. We have always considered that we are part of MD Properties family where talented and committed people are always welcomed to join.

Achievers of the Month
Every month we recognize the hard work and efforts of the top performing team members in each of the divisions so everyone has the chance to be recognized for being the best in their division in that month.

Annual Awards
In the Annual Awards the consistent performers are recognized for their incredible achievements throughout the year. This is a very tough competition as the prizes are substantial and many stars of the MD Properties family fight for it.

Everyone’s birthday is celebrated in the MD Properties family.

Top 20 Reasons to join MD Properties

  • Top 3 out of more than a 100 brokerage firms in Qatar
  • A progressive company based on values like honesty, fairness, and agent-driven leadership
  • Comprehensive, state of the art web site with a vast number of monthly visitors
  • Active company leadership, hands-on and available
  • Cohesive environment that promotes success and rewards achievements
  • Experienced Managing Brokers who coach, train and promote agents’ success
  • In-house mortgage affiliation
  • Supportive and compelling marketing collateral
  • Local, regional and national print advertising provided by the company
  • The Most Competitive commissioning and rewards scheme in the Business
  • We incentivize our team with monthly and quarterly competitions!
  • Personalized one-on-one coaching and goal setting
  • Nationally recognized marketing and advertising
  • Respectable and trustworthy agents and support staff
  • Quarterly and annual awards, luncheons and press releases for top agents
  • Camaraderie and esprit de corps among agents and support staff
  • Hosted company parties
  • Family dinner events on a monthly basis
  • Agents are set with high tech equipment and resources
  • And most importantly every time a team member closes a transaction everyone congratulates them as we promote a cohesive culture that promotes success and rewards achievements

This is just a small number of reasons for which you should join our team. We are adding new reasons on a quarterly basis as we have built up a team of associates from different divisions that meet every month to discuss ways to ensure that we create the best working environment possible for the MD Properties family.

Who we look for?

Are you smart and sales-driven?
Do you like problem solving?
Have you got great interpersonal skills?
Then you could be just who we’re looking for!

MD Properties associates are passionate about real estate, with the academic edge and specialist knowledge to help take our business to the next level. They come from all backgrounds and cultures. They’re hard-working, professional and adaptable: happy working in a close-knit team but committed to the growth of our organization. If you’ve got the potential, we’ll provide all the training and support you need to take your career in unimaginable directions. As long as someone has the hunger, desire and willingness to learn and develop we can make anyone be successful

The route to success

Imagine having control over the direction your career takes.

Imagine learning from some of the best people in the industry, with the experience and know-how that only comes from years of working in a market-leading company.

There are different routes into the real estate world with MD Properties:

  • Commercial Division
  • Residential Division
  • Property Management
  • Facility Management
  • Real Estate Advisory

Which one you take will depend on your degree and your interests. Whichever route you choose, our dedicated team of professionals will be there to teach and support you. Plus you will get coaching and mentoring from our market-leading experts.

How to Apply

To support the rapidly increasing team we are looking for enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players who will enjoy the excitement and challenges of working for a very successful and rapidly expanding organization.

MD Properties is a company built and shaped by talented, driven real estate professionals who know the value of having a great career, accomplished colleagues, work-life balance, and a reputation for being the best in the business.

We focus on helping associates realize their fullest potential. You will find opportunities for growth, support for achieving your objectives and a true sense of family and belonging.

If you are interested in a vacancy with MDP please APPLY HERE


Want a sneak preview of what it means to be a property consultant? Are you intrigued by the possibility of charting your own career path? Do you seek to move beyond mere theory to make a lasting difference? Do you consider team work an opportunity for personal growth? If so, we encourage you to apply for an internship at MD Properties.

MD Properties’ internship programs give students from a range of disciplines the opportunity to learn more about what a career in real estate can offer. Our interns work on real projects and are mentored by senior property consultants, getting the true feel of the MD Properties experience and the life style of a property consultant.

All interns are assigned to case deals and given responsibility for particular portions of the work. They participate in case team meetings and interact with clients, experiencing the day-to-day work of professional property consultants. The work offers many opportunities for interaction not only with MD Properties Executives, but also with senior clients and wealthy individuals.

Lasting for two to three months, an internship is an ideal “mutual fit” assessment—as you get to know the property consulting business. Orientation and training sessions are offered throughout the internship aimed at providing additional insight into the real estate consultant profession.

The program is also a good way to meet MD Properties’ most important asset—its people. By attending training sessions, working on case deals with other consultants, and participating in office social events, interns can get to know the people they may one day work with at MD Properties.

The best way to apply for an internship is to send your resumes along with a cover letter to internships@mdproperties.qa mentioning the proposed period.

Hiring Process: what to expect

We're looking for get-things-done, problem solvers who are excited to join a very dynamic and competitive business environment. Because our people are core to all we do at MD Properties, our hiring process is designed to reflect our consensus-driven culture.

Hiring Process Steps

Step 1: Apply
The process begins with searching for a job opening that interests you by sending us your CV at careers@mdproperties.qa

Step 2: Contacted by recruiter
If you are a match for the position based on qualifications and experience, a recruiter will contact you to learn more about your background and answer your questions.

Step 3: Phone interview
The phone interview assesses your role-related skills and proficiency, to determine whether you should be brought in for in-person interviews. Typically phone interviews are conducted by someone in a similar role and last about 30-40 minutes.

Step 4: Onsite interview
Our interview process for various positions evaluates your core skills including your problem solving and behavioral abilities. Interviewers will ask you questions related to your area of interest and ask you to solve them in real time. Remember, it's not a question of getting the answer right or wrong, but the process you use to solve it. Creativity is important.

Step 5: Hire by Committee
Virtually every person who interviews at MD Properties talks to at least three interviewers, drawn from both management and potential colleagues. Everyone's opinion counts, ensuring our hiring process is fair while maintaining high standards as we grow. Yes, it takes longer, but we believe it's worth it.

Step 6: What's next?
Following your interviews, we will decide if you are suitable for the job opening. We take hiring very seriously and like to make consensus-based decisions. To that end, it can take up to two weeks for us to make a definitive decision as to whether we'd like to have you join the team. Please be patient with us – your recruiter will keep in touch with you when feedback has been received and decisions made. Also feel free to get in touch with your recruiter at any time.

Preparing Your CV/Resume

Your resume is our very first impression of you. To make sure that you present yourself as best as possible, please find below some general tips on cv/resume content and submission.

CV/Resume Submission

  • Submit your resume in PDF or Microsoft Word formats. Text formats are also acceptable.
  • All resumes and related materials (transcripts, portfolios, etc.) should be submitted in English.

General Information

  • Include essential personal information: email, phone, city, and state of residence. Also, be sure to include your name, gender, date of birth, age, family status, residency status and how to contact you in the resume, not just your cover letter.

Educational background

  • Make sure your CV/resume accurately reflects your academic achievements and accomplishments.
  • Include the full name of all post-secondary institutions attended, degrees conferred, and a cumulative grade point average (if available) for each degree received.
  • Report your college/university-level education.
  • Provide a brief description of projects you completed related to the position for which you are applying.

Work Experience

  • Even if you're fresh out of college or university, we want to know what skills you've acquired along the way. We'll look closely at the work experience section of your resume, so the information you provide here is very important.
  • Provide your job title, employer name and dates of employment.
  • Provide a brief description of the companies you have worked for especially if they are not well known.
  • Provide your specific “key accomplishments” in each role.
  • Include bulleted, concise, and specific key accomplishments and the impact your efforts had on your company.
  • Mention any of your jobs while attending college/university, either during the summer or concurrent with your coursework..
  • Customize your resume by highlighting the skills that are relevant to the position.

Additional Information

  • Tell us what makes you unique! Here at MD Properties, we value talent and intelligence, group spirit and diversity, creativity and idealism.

You can also include personal projects related to the position.