Our main objective is to help our clients reduce costs while improving service levels. MD Properties’ Facilities Management team, made up of experienced professionals, has the ability to tap a vast network of variable resources and proven company best practices and processes to bolster the solutions we provide to our clients. The innovations, combined with our economies of scale, enable our facility management platform to realize 15-20% savings in operating expenses for our clients.

Technical maintenance, management of periodical and general overhauls 
Of a special importance in the modern Facility Management processes, technical maintenance services assure the proper functioning of the building’s system through the preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance.

These activities are set to increase the life span and performance of the building systems and to minimize the incidence and frequency of malfunctions:

- preventive maintenancea list of planned maintenance actions aimed to prevent breakdowns and failures, designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. Preventive maintenance activities relates to equipment checks, partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, oil changes, lubrication etc. Long term benefits of preventive maintenance include:
- improved system reliability;
- lower costs of replacements;
- shorter system downtime;
- better spare parts inventory management;
- increased tenants’ comfort;

- predictive maintenance helps determining the condition of equipment, in order to forecast when maintenance should be performed. This approach offers cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance. Most predictive maintenance inspections are performed while equipment is in service, thereby minimizing disruptions in normal system operations;

- corrective maintenance is any maintenance activity which is required to correct a failure that has occurred or is in the process of occurring. This activity may consist in repairs, restoration or replacement of components of the affected equipment.

Delivering a Complete Range of Services and Total Peace of Mind:

  • Preventative Maintenance of All Types
  • General Carpentry/Remodeling Services
  • Window and Door Replacement
  • Interior/Exterior Painting
  • Light Electrical Repairs
  • Baseboard/Cadet Heating and Thermostat Installation & Repair
  • Plumbing Fixture Replacement & Repairs
  • Light Plumbing Repairs
  • Sub-floor Installation and Repair
  • Cabinet & Countertop Installation
  • Sheetrock Repair/Replacement
  • Dry Rot Investigation & Repairs
  • Appliance Installation & Replacement
  • Replacement of Lights, Ballast, Photocells
  • Trash Outs & Debris Removal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Deck Installation & Repairs
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Caulking
  • Winterize/De-Winterize
  • Lock-Out Services
  • Water Heater Repair/Replacement
  • Gutter/Downspout Repairs & Cleaning
  • Trim Work
  • Rental Turns: Repairs, Painting, etc.
  • Toilet & Faucet Installation