Our Non-Technical Facility Team works closely with the Property Managers as well as any property owner to ensure you and/or your tenants get great service at all times.

Maintenance work requests are reviewed and authorized by the property owners or property managers, and assigned to the appropriate vendor, which is often the MD Properties Maintenance Team (unless special services are required).

We are also providing a Complete Range of Non – Technical Facility Services:

Cleaning Services

Cleaning is a very important issue for any type of surface or space, whatever its destination, being essential for ensuring a healthy working environment.

We supply a consistent range of professional quality cleaning services for company buildings (indoor and outdoor areas). Our selected, trained and educated personnel use high performance cleaning equipment and devices. In all cleaning processes and operations, only ecological agents and products, approved by the relevant authorities, are used in prescribed quantities. The cleaning agents are produced by internationally reputed companies.

  • General and maintenance cleaning for office, commercial, shops, exhibitions etc.
    - floor sweeping, vacuum cleaning and washing;
    - carpet/rug vacuum cleaning;
    - walls, lamps, furniture and office equipment dusting;
    - washing of glass surfaces, indoors and outdoors (with climbers);
    - room air refreshing;
    - plants wetting and cleaning;
    - white appliances cleaning;
    - sockets and switches cleaning;
    - dustbin sacks removed and placed in appropriate spots for removal;
    - washing and disinfecting tiled surfaces, sinks, water closet basins, dispensers and all sanitary equipment.
  • Cleaning after construction and revamping works
    - collecting and removing residues of construction materials;
    - floor, glass covered surfaces and tiling sweeping, cleaning and polishing;
    - cleaning, disinfecting, washing and polishing sanitary ware in bathrooms/toilets;
    - doors, windows and frames cleaning;
    - AC and heating units cleaning.
  • Cleaning before/after various events(with cleaning mobile teams)
    - waste collection and removal to appropriates places;
    - floor vacuum cleaning and washing;
    - furniture positioning and dusting;
    - kitchen and white appliances cleaning;
    - deep cleaning of bathrooms and sanitary appliances;
    - cleaning of glass covered surfaces;
    - overall spots removal.
  • Industrial cleaning
    - closed spaces cleaning (tanks, basins, containers etc.);
    - degreasing/oil removing and paint spots cleaning;
    - various industrial waste removal;
    - industrial equipment deep cleaning;
    - technical space and manufacturing line cleaning;
    - hall and warehouse cleaning;
    - outdoor and access ways cleaning;
  • Cleaning in hospitals and clinics
    - decontamination operations for areas and rooms;
    - room/area hygienization in compliance with regulations in force;
    - floor washing with specialized detergents;
    - bathroom and kitchen disinfection operations;
  • Outdoor area cleaning

- parking lots, green areas, sidewalks
- waste removal;
- hand/mechanized sweeping;
- automated washing;

  • Special operations
    - special treatments, including fireproofing for various types of floorings – wood, stone, tiles etc

Disinfection, Pest and Rodent Control Professional Services

MD Properties provides a large service range of disinfection and pest/rodent control activities, at certified quality, for manufacturing units, commercial, warehousing, public organizations, shopping centers, basements and also for sewage systems and waste storage areas.

  • Disinfection prevents the outbreak and dissemination of pathogenic germs, and also kills these germs from first reported infection cases to the complete removal of the infection source. We perform the disinfection operations by spraying specialized, broad range action solutions against microbes, bacilli, fungi etc.;
  • Pest control – a comprehensive range of preventive and curative actions aiming to impede, fight and destroy insects and arthropods, as disease vectors, in all life stages, by mechanical, physical, biological or chemical means. These actions are performed both indoors and outdoors, on a schedule set by the existing species and infestation levels.
    We use a large array of methods, procedures and substances, environmentally harmless, in accordance with the type of location and the pest species (fleas, mosquitoes, worms, flies, bugs etc.). Methods used are the EU standard, including spraying, atomization, hot/cold fogging, gassing, traps, injection etc. All solutions and substances are certified by the Ministry of Health and the personnel is specifically trained, performing all operations in completely safe conditions and with strict observance of environment protection requirements;
  • Rodent control consists in a group of actions, continuously performed, in order to minimize or annihilate the amount of rodents, mainly mice and rats. Besides the damage to properties, rodents are a menace for human health, being vectors for many serious diseases like trichinosis, brucellosis, anthrax etc. Having all needed certifications, we eradicate rodents by chemical and non-chemical means, with specialized personnel, modern equipment and environment friendly substances.

Professional landscaping services

A specialized service, landscaping is based on respect towards nature, solid botanic knowledge and notions of aesthetics. It includes the selection and arrangement of plants, combined with property elements (alleys, pools, ponds etc.) and garden accessories, such as outdoor furniture, lamps or vases, all these set in a harmonious and balanced way with the natural and built environment.

Help Desk

These services are performed by specialized personnel, having advanced communication skills and a sound knowledge of Facility Management. The service is permanently available (24hours/7 days), having as responsibilities:
- receiving, logging and sending over the clients’ requests to technical mobile teams, in order to fast remediation of any technical failure in the building;
- monitoring the work status and its proper completion.

Reception services
A friendly, competent reception always makes a positive impression both on your clients and guests and on your employees, shaping the expression of corporate culture. MD Properties reception services include:
- assuring best conditions for the people traffic in the building;
- serving as information point;
- dissemination of public announcements in case of events;
- identifying and recording visitors;
- providing delivery of the mailing in the building.

Security services
MD Properties operates outsourced, specialized security personnel and mobile intervention squads which, in case of undesirable events, will perform firmly and in shortest possible time span the adequate security services.
The personnel act strictly according to Qatari laws in force, on a contract of intervention basis in case of events. Their equipment includes all necessary items allowed by the law to disrupt and contain unlawful actions against properties and persons. The security agents are assisted in their activity by a permanent external security dispatching service.

Handyman services
Set of services delivered by our skilled technicians, consisting in small repairs at the building’s power installation, such as bulb replacements, or in the water supply piping, support for furniture repairs, locks fixing etc., these operations not requiring specialized personnel.